What Couples Counseling Is All About

What Couples Counseling Is All About. As a Couples Counselor, let me tell you what couples counseling is not about. It’s not about taking sides and becoming one of the two partner’s ally while blaming and attacking the other. Getting some couples counseling doesn’t mean your relationship is so bad it won’t work. Divorce or a break up isn’t inevitable. I get it, it’s scary for some as some couples because they think they should be able to fix their problems. They think airing out their dirty laundry is personal and can be embarrassing. Nearly half of couples come to counseling to learn how to better handle conflict. As a Marriage Counselor, the majority of my couples say they need help with communication. Communication includes not being able to initiate conversation, express thoughts and feelings, and ask for want they need and want. They need help managing their emotions when they can’t agree to disagree.

There are many reasons couples go to counseling.  To name a few:

Needing communication skills

Needing conflict resolution skills

Looking for a stronger physical connection

Wanting more intimacy for an emotional connection

Wanting to learn new skills to maintain their relationship

Affair recovery

Help with decision making

Blended family issues

Change of life issues

Need help with child related concerns

Couples therapist


Couples who start their process are pleasantly surprised when they look back at the progress they’ve made and the concrete strategies they’ve learned. Resistance and defensiveness is replaced by empathy, effective communication, and emotional safety

Couples counseling can be effective if both partners are willing to undergo the process with good integrity. Meaning they will put in the effort and do what is required of them to receive their desired outcome.

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