When Was The Last Time You Were Kissed Like This?

When Was The Last Time You Were Kissed Like This? Kisses like this don’t just happen in the movies. Remember when you first met your husband/wife and you couldn’t wait to get that first kiss? Or during the beginning of the relationship phase where everything was wonderful and exciting and lovemaking was easy? Then you got married, years go by managing the details of life including raising kids and you can’t remember the last time you had an intimate kiss.

When Was The Last Time You Were Kissed Like This?

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, couples seek my services needing a jump start in reviving their sex life.  And sex doesn’t just mean intercourse. A sex life can wane due to many reasons. Some include neglect of their primary relationship as children and career take precedence over their coupling. Damage to the relationship due to affairs can also affect a couple’s sex life.

I am working with a couple where the wife had an affair that damaged the marriage and redeveloping their erotic life remains a challenge.  She explains she wanted to feel the newness of a new relationship albeit inappropriate and wrong.  That first kiss is symbolic of what most people who have affairs share about that “newness.”

When Was The Last Time You Were Kissed Like This?

They are working on creating a new marriage as the old one is dead and no longer wanted.  There is still a lot of ambivalence and change is slow if any. I am set helping them develop a plan on a course of expressing wants and needs, setting boundaries, being comfortable with distance, pursuing wants and needs outside of marriage.

Some people think a kiss like this only happens in dreams.

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