When You’re Married To A Neurodiverse Spouse

When You’re Married To A Neurodiverse Spouse. You may feel so emotionally disconnected, you wonder if it’s possible to have a happy marriage. You can find happiness and fulfillment in your neurodiverse marriage. You can have the communication and emotional connection that you crave. But you need tools that are designed for couples like you. My book, “The Happy Neurodiverse Marriage” gives you tools to make that happen.

When You’re Married To A Neurodiverse Spouse

You are neurotypical (NT) and your partner isn’t. Typically, the ASD partner is the husband and the neurotypical (NT) is the wife. At least in my practice that is the case. There are many men who are married to women on the Autism Spectrum. Women with autism will often mask or mimic others’ mannerisms, making it less likely to detect autism in females. Regardless, neurodiverse couples need tools that are designed specifically for couples like you. You both speak different languages so Neurology matters.

Absolutely nothing is more important to a relationship than communication. Without healthy communication, you are two islands with no bridge. You are each trapped in your own paradigm and your own perspective, with no way to understand each other or work for each other’s good.

The six tools are all built on having honest, open conversations with your partner. Without a framework for how to communicate, those conversations simply can’t take place. When you learn how to engage in those real conversations, you transform your relationship. You bring the islands close enough together to build those bridges.

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