Why I Work With Neurodiverse Couples

Why I Work With Neurodiverse Couples.  High functioning Asperger’s is receiving a lot of attention.  Asperger’s is a developmental disorder affecting the ability to effectively socialize and communicate.  With access to online dating, individuals on the autism spectrum are able to connect with people developing relationships that could lead to developing families.  Asperger’s/Autism is inherited so the need to provide services for Neurodiverse Couples is imperative.

With my husband Phil

Not all Marriage Counselors have the expertise to work with Neurodiverse Couples so often times neurodiverse couples come to see me as their last resort.  When a neurotypical woman (NT) is married to a man who has behaviors associated with Asperger’s, (neurodiverse; ND or Aspie; AS) she will most likely experience gradual lose of her sense of self and feel invisible.  A lonely and hurt former self emerges that she can barely recognize.  She experiences Cassandra Syndrome as she starts to feel crazy and misunderstood.

As a Marriage Counselor working with women married to Asperger men this story by Sarah Swenson, LMHC says a lot about what life becomes:  https://www.goodtherapy.org/blog/married-with-undiagnosed-autism-why-women-who-leave-lose-twice-0420164

This article hits home for me because I am a neurotypical woman married to an Aspie husband.  As a Marriage Counselor, certified to work with AS/NT couples, my role is to be an AS/NT translator, with the goal of helping both partners understand the world as seen through a Neurodiverse Lens.  Conventional marriage counseling is ineffective as there are specific tools to help neurodiverse couples understand one another.

Being married to someone on the spectrum is a life-long challenge.  For more information about Neurodiversity and being able to move forward in your relationship, please contact me at (858) 735-1139.  I know I can help.

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