Why Women Don’t Want Sex

Why Women Don’t Want Sex.  As part of my self disclosing blogging I have indicated some of the reasons I don’t want sex at any given time.  Look at the list and see what comes up for you.


1.   A high level of the hormone Estrogen can weaken or totally curb the desire for sex also known as a hormonal imbalance.

2.   Getting sucked into “Marathon TV Watching Sessions” – my favorites: reruns of Cupcake Wars; The Good Wife; Modern Family; and shows that have the LOL effect.

3.   Smoking and consuming too much sugar – does’t pertain to me.

4.   You Don’t Talk About Sex – this actually makes a significant difference.  Couples who talk about sex do have more and satisfying sexual encounters…..surprisingly with each other ….lol

5.   You Don’t Exercise – Being active kick starts your Libido, Mood and Energy – when you slug around and do nothing your body goes into “slug mode” and you don’t feel like doing much of anything except for more slugging around.

6.   You think Self-Care is Selfish – You’re busy getting other people’s needs met and neglecting your own.  Overfunctioning is a sign of Co-Dependency and can make you exhausted.  Who wants sex when you’re so emotionally and physically tired?!

7.   You’re Always in Sweats – Never!…but want to be….they look so comfy.  But working with the men in my practice they prefer their female partners to dress up now and then.  And the females in my practice say they feel sexier when they are dressed in something other than sweats…..as comfortable as they may be.  I say go ahead and wear sweats…..but do up the lipstick and hair while smelling sweet.

8.   Stressed out or Resent your partner – sometimes applies to me and when it does I make an effort to talk and express my discontent.

9.   You’re on Medications and it lowers your sex drive.

10.  You have a Headache – code for “you’re not in the mood” – sometimes you’re just not in the mood…..nothing wrong with that.  Just don’t make it a habit.

If you need to have a discussion about why your sex life isn’t working for you please contact me at (858) 735-1139.

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