Why Some Women Wear High Heels

Why Some Women Wear High Heels.  Last month I wrote about why some women wear red lipstick.  Red lipstick and wearing high heels can imply a sexual connotation to some people.  But can wearing high heels be an implicit invitation to sex?  In an article entitled, “The Psychology of High Heels,” by Michael Castleman, he states four French researchers do find that women wearing high heels increase men’s attractiveness to them.  These experiments confirm what women have intuitively known for generations that high heels attract male attention.  The reasons being heel height:

1.  Makes a woman’s breast appear larger as the heel causes the back to arch, which thrust the breasts forward.

2.  Can make the buttocks appear larger as heels lift them.

3.  Enables women’s hips and buttocks to sway more while walking because the heels shorten their gait.

4.  Have their feet appear smaller.  Wearing higher heels make women’s feet look more petite and, therefore, more attractive.  The Chinese use to bind their female children’s feet to appear more attractive to suitors.

5.  Calves muscle up your legs making for a more athletic appearance.

As a Marriage Counselor working in private practice I don’t always have the luxury of wearing outfits that make me appear sexy.  I do on occasion wear attractive clothing to role model for my female clientele how to be and feel more confident in themselves, as well, as their partner.

Wearing high heels is desirable but does come at a significant cost.  They are uncomfortable and can be quite painful. They create blisters, ingrown toenails, and nerve damage to feet and legs.  They increase foot soreness, ankle sprains falls, and plantar fasciitis (pain in the heel and bottom of the foot).

At the end of the day, I experience cramping and I have Bunions.  My feet are tortured when I wear high heels, but by golly, my legs look good! Throughout my young adult years, wearing high heels gave me the confidence to “take on the day.”  I felt sexy and full of energy.  I would wear high heels traveling on business trips and walk from airport gate to gate attracting the eye of males and females.  As a young mother, I would pick up my daughter from elementary school in high heels and cute dresses rather than sweats and tennis shoes.  My daughter took pride in the way I dressed and is now a nicely dressed adult with a closet full of high end high heeled shoes she struts in to feel confident during her days at the office.  Confidence compliments an already great work ethic.  So if you know you are good at what you do why not look the part?

Exuding confidence shows you know what you are doing.  As a Marriage Counselor and Sex Therapist, I am able to share with my clients how to get the sex they want.  Starting a dialogue about what they want in their sex life and having effective ongoing communication about what that looks and feels like will definitely get them the sex they’ve always wanted.

You don’t have to take my advice about what to wear on your feet.  But if you want to look and feel sexy for the guy who rocks your world try on a pair of high heels and strut around your bedroom in your birthday suit and see what happens!  I have, and I can honestly say, “I have the sex I want.”


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