Why Some Women Wear Makeup

Why Some Women Wear Makeup.  Like my past blogs, entitled, “Why Some Women Wear Red Lipstick” and “Why Some Women Wear High Heels”, I’m sharing my perspective on why some women wear makeup, myself included.  Depending on how little girls were raised, wearing makeup can be encouraged or discouraged.  In my case, my mother didn’t want me to wear makeup until I was older.  She said I could wear makeup when I turned twenty-one so I compromised and said sixteen.  Depending on what culture you come from makeup can be construed as a positive or negative.  I come from an Asian background so wearing makeup was not encouraged.  It was said to make our skin become older sooner rather than later.  The script I was told growing up was that women who wear makeup at a young age did so because they wanted to attract men and were promiscuous.  Also, depending on what religion you practice can influence the support or nonsupport of wearing makeup.  As a Marriage Counselor and licensed professional in private practice, I pride myself in having a presentable appearance so wearing makeup is something desirable.  I understand and respect not everyone wants to wear makeup to any degree and that is their personal choice.


A new study published in the journal Perception finds that men perceive women who wear makeup to be more prestigiouswhile women perceive other women who wear makeup to be more dominant and also more promiscuous.  This article pretty much confirms what a lot of other studies say about what males and females think about women and makeup.  Makeup tends to add an aesthetic appeal for both sexes, however, men tend to view women who wear makeup with prestige while some women viewed them with dominance as women’s perception can be caused by jealousy.

Whatever article on beauty you read can share different opinions and research on what makes a person attractive or not that attractive.  I believe people, women, and men who want to wear makeup, do so because they choose to.  As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I work with individuals, couples, and families.  I work with women who come in because their self-esteem and confidence aren’t where they would like it.  Although physical attractiveness is not the priority for boosting self-esteem and confidence, it sure does help.  Personally, when I choose to wear makeup it’s because it makes me feel “put together.”  Feeling put together puts me in the mind frame of “being together” therefore, being perceived as having my “sh_t together.”  I feel confident and am ready to take on the day.  During the times I choose not to wear makeup I have to admit I feel a little lethargic and apprehensive to be as industrious as I know I can be.  And I might add, I have observed people treating me a little bit differently when I’m not wearing my makeup.  Not as accommodative or friendly.  Perhaps that could be because my confidence isn’t radiating like it does when I do wear the amount of makeup that makes me feel put together.

Men and women tend to have different perspectives about makeup.  And again, depending on what study or article you’ve read they range in many conclusions from experts all over the world.  For the most part, males and females agree on the aesthetic appeal of the makeup-wearing woman.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  There’s much more to a woman’s personality and appeal than her appearance.  So I say do what makes you feel comfortable and confident.  That’s a good start in exuding what it is you know and what you want other’s to know about you.  We all are intelligent, competent beings, but as long as looks continue to impact how we come off to others, wearing makeup, not only enhances your looks but making you feel good about you, can be your advantage.

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