Why Do Women Wear Red Lipstick

Why Do Women Wear Red Lipstick.  Here’s an article that gives the history of women and the wearing of lipstick that I found quite interesting as I believe wearing the color says something different about each person on any given occasion.  Check out the history at https://yesterface.wordpress.com/2011/06/04/the-history-of-lipstick/ to get a better appreciation of how lipstick shaped our culture.

woman wearing red lipstick

Wearing lipstick for most women is not always the case.  Wearing a particular color is a personal choice.  Some women like wearing modest colors for just that purpose, modesty.  Others prefer to make a statement and wear bold colors like purple, black and red.  According to the history of wearing red lipstick only “ladies of the night” wore them to identify themselves as professionals for sex.  As time went on and with the marketing of lipstick there still exists a sexual connotation but not so much in a derogatory fashion.  In the 21st Century color is a means of setting us apart from others and differentiating ourselves in becoming whoever and whatever it is we want to be and feel at any given time. We do this in the way we paint our nails and color our hair.  As well as in how we dress and what colors we choose in our wardrobe.  Color makes us feel a certain way.  Dark colors make individuals who favor Goth feel a certain way just like those who like vibrant colors feel a certain refreshing feeling.  So when choosing a lipstick women and men, choose a color to make them feel a particular way.

As a Marriage Counselor, I tend to wear soft pink colors and sometimes push that pink into a hot pink with gloss to make me feel happy.  As the seasons change it’s fun to change it up a bit so I wear browns, peaches, and cranberry to go with the many different outfits to feel those changes although we live in San Diego and it feels like Spring and Summer most of the time.

As a Marriage Counselor, I sit and listen to individuals, couples and families about their problems throughout the day.  They look to me for guidance as they process their thoughts and emotions.  I wear red lipstick at times because just like most older women, I want to feel youthful.  Wearing red makes a mother of a 28-year-old feel vibrant and relevant despite feeling the aches and pains of aging.  My red lips enhance my psychological well-being where I feel energized and confident.  The lips draw attention to the mouth and red gives the impression of self-assurance and authority.  This sense of empowerment helps lift my spirit as listening to problems throughout the day can be tiring as well as discouraging.   As a Marriage Counselor being confident in my directives helps give my couples the ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  When I feel good they benefit from my positive energy.

Some people were raised to believe that caring for oneself can be selfish.  I believe in taking care of the individual’s needs first, everyone else in that individual’s life then receives the appropriate care they need.  For myself, as a Marriage Counselor, wearing bright colors make me feel good and wearing a lip color that flatters my appearance just finishes it off.

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