Working Toward a Happy Permanent Relationship

How Do You Work Toward a Happy Permanent Relationship?

Working Toward a Happy Permanent Relationship.  A successful relationship depends on two partners who have each examined what they want in life. They trust that they will be able to achieve their own individual life goals with the support of their partner. The success of a long-lasting relationship rests on two people who each have a sense of both commitment to the relationship and their own individuality. They feel that the support, trust, and love they receive within the relationship will enhance them in their quest to achieve what they want out of life.

Achieving this goal requires work and sacrifice, but those who make the investment can reap the rewards.

Here are some steps toward this goal –

• You need to define what you want for your life.

• It is helpful to examine your strengths and limitations, and to embrace them.

• It helps to clarify how you grew up and to identify the life events which have made you into who you are now.

• Good communication skills (such as listening) and life skills (such as flexibility, tolerance, and acceptance) are essential to the process of building a meaningful and satisfying relationship.

The process of learning the skills needed for a successful long-term relationship is facilitated through the help of a therapist. As a trained professional  I can guide you through the various stages of your exploratory journey – providing understanding, objectivity and support in a safe setting.

Know yourself first – and then you can know another.

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