Workplace Affairs

Workplace Affairs.  Do you know people at work who are sleeping with each other?  When I was 26 years old – I worked as a data processor at an office composed of 80 professionals and administrative support personnel.  Before long I noticed a man and woman, who were married to other people spending a lot to time together.  At social events after work, they arrived and left together, it became more and more obvious that they were having an affair. I became good friends with the woman, but despite our friendship, I was never really comfortable asking her about the affair.  Later on, another office relationship bloomed between a newly-hired single woman and a married man.  It happens all the time.

Workplace affairs

A workplace affair can be exciting and stimulating fueling the desire to remain locked in an inappropriate relationship.  But unless you are in an open relationship, infidelity is never a good thing!  It’s not uncommon for people who work closely together, day after day, to gravitate toward developing more intimate relationships. However, some employers frown on this behavior, and may even consider terminating employment of those involved. If you’re tempted, ask yourself this question: “Is this relationship worth potentially sacrificing my livelihood?”

Growing a healthy and loving relationship can be challenging under the best of circumstances.  But starting a relationship rooted in deceit?  That’s an uphill battle and causes many to fizzle out in the early stages. While exciting at first, covering up and sneaking around gets tiresome, quashing one of the most important ingredients of every relationship: openness.  When it’s against company policy, the relationship can’t move forward because love can’t bloom in the dark.  What couple wants to be a secret?  Love must be celebrated to survive.

As a Marriage Counselor, I work with couples who begin with these types of relationships and in the 25 years I have been in practice I have only seen one successful outcome. The couple I mention in this story did eventually marry after their respective divorces.   As a rule, starting a relationship that stems from an affair is “no bueno.”

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